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GRAY ZONE is a tactical strategy game made by Eastworks studio. Take control over the fate of rebels fighting for their cause in a vast sci-fi world.

Choose and customize your favorite hero. With his help command the rebel units from a top down perspective. Gear them up, plan ahead, destroy the enemy and upgrade before the next strike.

Immerse yourself in a rich story about the conflict, politics, mystery and bravery. Become a hero and fight for the victory!

Explore the visually stunning world and its mysteries. Travel from planet to planet, each with its own and unique environment.

And most importantly... HAVE FUN!


Union Scout vessel

The lightweight hovering fighter is mostly favoured by the Union’s army. Zex-Fedorr’s Tridium generator supplies energy to two reactive engines. A double cooling circuit allows the engine to operate in extreme conditions of both worlds. The great body design helps a passive cooling system to keep the engine in stable temperatures and keeps the vessel’s engine dust free during long operations. Due to all of these facts the Union scout can’t be forgotten in any operation. Manufacturer: UAI LightTech Weight:…

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New Union

The new Union society raised from scattered Alliance troops after the 3rd Tridium War. A new era of economical and technical cooperation started after the years of defending from pirates looting our cities. Today, Union has centralized the government and unites all of our nations. Gray Zones, that were founded beyond the Union’s borders to expand Tridium ore mining, have become the main source of income and therefore must be under the Union’s army protection.   The Union’s army is…

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The desert city of Rab

Rab is the city on the planet of Deleon. The only income villagers have, comes from the mining of the Tridium ore and those who can’t mine the Tridium ore have to grow crops to live their poor lives. The villagers are subject to severe looting from barbarians and slavers, and because of this people are not satisfied with Union’s protection.   That’s why the Inter Galactic Rebellion Party has strong influence here and people are becoming much more worried…

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